lareinedusoleil replied to your post: hello! god I haven’t been on this account for a…

[pssst rachellllll it’s moni :U]


aaaaa it’s great to see you again!

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god I haven’t been on this account for a while, since the rp ring and school in general has been holding me back.

but now that the school year is close to the end, especially with testing I’ll be on a hell of a lot more!

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Anónimo whispered: hey ese i broke into your car

I can’t guey understand guey your accent guey.

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puerto-rico-preys replied to your post: “Hey there!” -waving-

[steps inside, and grins] “How have you been?!”

[pulls her in for a big fat cheek kiss]

[shhhhh gotta do what a latino gotta do]

"Pretty good, thanks. How’s your ankle doing?"

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“As long as everything is okay…”

She releases him and walks around him, “It has healed enough that I can walk, just can’t dance on it.  Not without physical therapy.”

Yeah, you don’t need to worry about me. I’ve been around for a good amount of years, so-so days aren’t going to do much to me.

[he grins then focusing on her ankle before glancing up]

Well it’s a good thing we are what we are. I’m sure with a couple of sessions you’ll be back to dancing all over again.

[he gestures to his couch]

C’mon sit down, there’s no need to strain it when you don’t need to.

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puerto-rico-preys whispered: "Hey there!" -waving-


Lindita! -waves back-

Come in, nena.

esechicosexy whispered: *star*



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people who don’t swear make me very uncomfortable

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Send me a ★ and my muse will describe your muse in one word.

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Agustín Víctor Casasola (1874–1928).