Pffttttttt you Hispanics are crazy, how do you manage to get kidnapped by England? I’d help you out by man, you guys seem to got it under control~

I’ll be here though!

For moral support!

She didn’t get kidnapped. I’m disappointed in you for thinking so lowly of my sister.

Heyyy there ain’t no shame in being kidnapped dude. It’s not her fault my brother was born a dick~ 

Just play a siren song he’ll crash his ship into the rocks or some shit like that~

But like I said, she wasn’t even kidnapped. 

No, that’d be taking the easy way out. It has to be more personal.

She might be though. England’s nuttier than a candy bar.

Piss in his cornflakes, that always used to fuck up his whole week.

…I just talked to her. And if he ever even tries he’s have to deal with me.

 I said personal, not disgusting. I bet you’ve done that before, haven’t you. 

‘Just’, who knows what’s happened in the time since then? Kidnapped. Don’t worry though, you got the hero on your side~!

You eat English food for years and try not to extract food theme revenge okay. Uhummm, why exactly is he suddenly obsessed with her though?

…don’t joke about that Alfred. You are testing me.

I’ll never understand all of you regarding English food and how you were able to stomach it. -shakes head-

It was one of those pictures with an arrows that point to someone. It said that it would point to the person she would ‘marry’ and it pointed to him, sadly. The pendejo took it seriously, apparently.